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Ground Traffic Control

Full back-office solution

Manage day-to-day business with integrated solution that manages Orders, Customers and Product Catalogue.

Data & Analytics

Collects and processes the live information from different sources to track multiple operational KPIs.

Tower Control

Transforms orders into service tickets, controls the picking and delivery operational deadlines to assure the clients get their orders on-time.

Automatic Catalogue integration

Our API and extraction tools can integrate multiple catalogues.

Picking Module

Picking App

Acts like a PoS in the pocket. It uses the phone camera to screen bar codes and collect products, helping the Picker through the process. When the picking is completed, the data collected is used to generate the final invoice to the client.

Advanced optimization solutions:

QR Code Mapping and Multi-order colored picking.

Live Picking

The collected data in the picking operation is used to retrieve information of collected product both to the back-office operator and the customer, that can track all the out-of-stock products and possible substitutions.

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Delivery Module

Orders aggregation algorithm

Our orders aggregation algorithm optimizes the travelling distance.

Driver app

This app connects the driver with the backoffice, to get new deliveries, track GPS position and mark orders as delivered.

Live Tracking

Both our customer and the backoffice operator can track the exact position of the delivery.

E-Commerce Module

Through our web and mobile e-commerce solutions, retailers can benefit from our marketplace to increase their sales, leveraging on top of our Digital Marketing team.

Hustle-free shopping

Forget when you use to go multiple stores, and use our multi-store with a unified checkout.


Customizable store front for each of the suppliers.

Multiple Stores

Get products from different stores in one delivery.

Multiple Payment Options

Multiple payment solutions, adapted to each store.

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